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Natural Original Bamboo Fiber—Cool & Breathable & Soft

Appearance of original bamboo fiber gives your skin a chance to really feel that what feeling wear bamboo is! Because original bamboo fiber is directly picked up from bamboo using physical and mechanical methods without any chemical additive. Due to different process flow between original bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp fiber, original bamboo fiber is softer and smoother than bamboo pulp fiber. You can really feel cool, comfortable from original bamboo fiber in hot summer.

Cross section of original bamboo fiber is filled with numerous micro-fiber surface grooves, gaps, cracks and grooves, like capillary, in an instant moisture absorption and evaporation, original bamboo fiber’s garments can absorb and evaporate sweat in a split second, and apparel made from original bamboo fiber is never sticking to skin in quite hot summer. It was praised by the experts as “breathable fiber”




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