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Natural Original Bamboo Fiber Anti-bacterial and Deodorant Function

Original Bamboo Fiber Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

Original bamboo fiber has strong antibacterial and germicidal effect, in accordance with the original AATCC6538 pair of original bamboo fiber, flax fiber, ramie fiber and cotton fiber antibacterial performance testing, we can see that the original bamboo fiber and linen, ramie both strong antibacterial role of the antibacterial effect of adding any artificial chemical substances without by comparison, natural, environmental protection, sustainable, health care, and other characteristics and processing of the different antibacterial fiber, and its antibacterial effect of certain spectral effect.
Germicidal Test Comparison For Fibers
  Original Bamboo Fiber Flax Fiber Ramie Fiber Cotton Fiber
Staphylococcus Aurous 99.0 93.9 98.7  
Bacillus Bacteria 99.7 99.8 98.3  
Monilia Albican /Canidia Albicans 94.1 99.6 99.8 40.1
Black Aspergillus 83.0   51.15  

Original Bamboo Fiber of Deodorant
Original bamboo fibers containing sodium copper chlorophyll, which has a good deodorant role. Experiments show that the original bamboo fabric of ammonia deodorant rate of 70% to 72% of the deodorant Suanchou rate of 93% to 95%.
Ammonia concentration test (initial concentration of ammonia 40PPM) units: PPM


0 Minute

2 Hours Later

24 Hours Later

Ammonia Concentration (PPM)




According to the test results, original bamboo fiber products have a good deodorant function.
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