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Difference Between Original Bamboo Fiber & Bamboo Viscose Fiber

As we all know, bamboo fiber is made from bamboo, but lots of people don’t know that bamboo fiber is divided into two kinds of fiber according to different process flow and method: Natural Original Bamboo Fiber and Bamboo Viscose Fiber (namely bamboo pulp fiber or viscose fiber from bamboo — regenerated cellulose bamboo fiber). Original bamboo fiber is directly obtained from natural bamboo by using mechanical process without any chemical additive, original bamboo fiber is the true natural bamboo fiber. In order to differentiate from bamboo fiber in current market (bamboo viscose fiber or bamboo pulp fiber), we call it as Original Bamboo Fiber or Natural Bamboo Fiber or Bio Bamboo Fiber. Bamboo viscose fiber belongs to regenerated cellulose fiber of chemical fiber.

            Natural Bamboo Fiber 90mm                                        Bamboo Viscose Fiber

The process flow for original bamboo fiber and bamboo viscose fiber as following:

1. Original bamboo fiber (bast fiber, the true natural bamboo fiber):
Raw bamboo → bamboo strip → steaming of bamboo strip → crushing and decomposing → biological enzyme degumming → fiber carding →natural original bamboo fiber

2. Bamboo pulp fiber:
Raw bamboo -> thick pulp -> fine pulp -> bamboo pulp fiber -> bamboo yarn

Functional property:
Anti-bacterial, Anti- Ultraviolet and deodorizing functions of original bamboo fiber are much stronger than one of bamboo viscose fiber. The production process of bamboo viscose fiber is similar to that of viscose fiber (rayon), the bamboo strips are firstly processed into pulp, which is then further processed into pulp sheet before it is finally manufactured into bamboo viscose fiber through the wet spinning process, so natural character of bamboo was destroyed during process of bamboo viscose fiber.

Hand feeling:
The feeling of original bamboo fiber is similar to ramie/hemp/flax fiber etc, but bamboo viscose fiber is very soft.

Shrinkage after washing:
Bamboo viscose fiber is easy to shrink after washing, but original bamboo fiber is not.

Dry/Wet tensile strength (CN/dtex):
Dry/Wet tensile strength of original bamboo fiber is higher than bamboo viscose fiber.

Cross section and vertical section picture for original bamboo fiber and bamboo viscose fiber:

Because of different structure of two kinds of fiber, Moisture absorption and release of original bamboo fiber are stronger than one of bamboo viscose fiber.

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