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New Green Natural and Eco-friendly Product—Natural Original Bamboo Fiber

Original bamboo fiber is also called as Natural Bamboo Fiber or Bio Bamboo Fiber, not Bamboo Viscose Fiber. Original bamboo fiber is the true natural fiber and belongs to bast fiber. Original bamboo fiber is directly obtained from natural bamboo by using physical and mechanical process without any chemical additive. The feeling and functional property of original bamboo fiber is similar to ramie, hemp, flax fiber etc, but anti-bacterial, deodorant and anti-UV properties from original bamboo fiber are stronger than them. The production flow of natural original bamboo fiber: Natural raw bamboo →
  Original Bamboo Fiber 90mm

bamboo strip → steaming of bamboo strip → crushing and decomposing → biological enzyme degumming → fiber carding →natural original bamboo fiber.

Principal length of original bamboo fiber is 90mm, it can be also cut as 38-40mm for cotton spinning system purpose or other length according to different purpose. Original bamboo fiber’s fineness is average NM1686 (around 6dtex) due to its production flow and method.

The following original bamboo fiber series products have been successfully developed and produced: pure original bamboo yarn, blended original bamboo yarn, original bamboo fabric, original bamboo socks, original bamboo towels, original bamboo beddings, original bamboo garment, original bamboo cap, original bamboo scarf, original bamboo nonwoven fabric etc. Appearance of natural original bamboo fiber is a new revolution in textile industries.

Original bamboo fiber can be spun pure original bamboo yarn and blended original bamboo yarn for bast fiber spinning, wool spinning, semi-worsted spinning, silk spinning, cotton spinning system purpose. The highest count for pure original bamboo yarn can be spun Nm48 (Ne28), Original bamboo fiber can be made 100% weaving fabric, but composition of original bamboo fiber should be less than 50% for knitting fabric, otherwise the feeling of fabric will be hard! Please send email to info@kongfi.com if you have any question about original bamboo fiber.

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