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Modal yarn

Modal is a kind of cellulose recovered fibre which produced by Austria Lenzing Company. It adopts the European Schneider zelkova as the raw material, first make it into wood pulp, and then spinning it and at last process it into the fibre. It is 100% natural fiber, harmless to the human body, and can decompound naturally , green environmental protection.   

Modal yarn fabrics’ characteristics:1. soft, smooth and strong silk feeling;2. has silk like gloss;3. still feel smooth and soft after repeating laundering;4. wonderful hygroscopicity and gas permeability;5. flamboyant color;6. no fibrilation. 

Modal yarn is the best choice for the top-grade knitting and machine weaving face fabrics. Because of its splendid gas permeability,it is become more and more useable in ladies’ suit, underwear, sportswear and household textiles fields.

Our company produces pure Modal yarn, modal and combed cotton, fine denier polyester fiber and so on blended yarns. Our products are well sold to the whole country. 200tons modal is consumed per month.
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