Original Bamboo Fiber
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         Original Bamboo Socks
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         Bamboo Viscose Yarn
         Banana Fiber
         Banana Yarn
         Banana Fabric
         Hemp Fiber
         Hemp Yarn
         Hemp Fabric
         Flax Fiber
         Linen Yarn
         Linen Fabric
         Viscose Yarn


Original bamboo fiber is a kind of really green, natural...

Original BambooYarn
OriginalBamboo fiber is a kind ofregenerated...

Bamboo Yarn
Bamboo fibre is a kind of regenerated cellulose.
Banana Fiber
Banana fiber is a kind of new-type natural fiber. Banana fiber is extracted from...
Banana Yarn
We can spin 100% banana yarn and blended banana yarn with cotton...
Organic cotton Yarn Organic cotton yarn is a big trend in knitting right now. As people are looking...

Milk yarn
Milk albumen fiber for its excellent quality, can spin purely with cashmere, silk...
Viscose Yarn
As technology progresses, gradually increased sense of environmental
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