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On facing the " green barrier " which rising one after another on the international trade road, our natonal textile industry’s future development will regard the " green " as the most important theme.

After joining WTO, the " green barrier " shows great impact on our export products, and the fabrics is the first to be affected. For this reason, the sponsor of the Third Chinese Fabrics Fair has proposed the theme of " green textile ". This is for complying with the green environmental protection development trend of international textile industry, promote the green process of the our country’s textile industry and conscientiously strengthen the international competitiveness of the fabrics of our country .

The expert points out : initiating the green brand has fully displayed that the textile circle of our country has already begun to launch an attack on green textile barrier with the initiative posture, this is the strength signal that our textile circle has sent out " strategic counteroffensive " to the international textile industry too. Accord with the " green " standard will promote the domestic and international textile industry ’s great communication and cooperation, lead enterprises of textile printing and dyeing of our country to study the international rules, make great efforts to improve the scientific and technological level and advance industry upgrading sturdily.


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