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Banana Fiber

Banana fiber is a kind of new-type natural fiber. Banana fiber is extracted from bark of banana tree, it belongs to bast fiber. The appearance of banana fiber is similar with natural original bamboo fiber and ramie fiber, but fineness and spinnability of banana fiber is better than natural original bamboo fiber and ramie fiber. The chemical composition of banana fiber is mainly cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin.

There are characteristics with high strength, small elongation, good luster, light weight, strong moisture absorption, fast moisture

absorption and release, easy degradation as well as environmental protection etc. Banana fiber can be made into garment, curtain, towel, bedsheet etc due to it’s characteristics with light, good luster and moisture absorption. Banana fiber average fineness is 2386Nm(4.1dtex), average fiber length is 60mm. Currently the highest count of 100% banana yarn can be produced to Nm60 (Ne35), the feeling of banana fiber is better than ramie fiber, there is no feeling of urtication.

At the ASEAN summit in the central city of Philippines, many leaders worn Philippines traditional garment made from banana fiber. Designer said: “two garments of the three made from banana fiber and flax fiber, price is USD369/piece, and it can be stored 10 years.

The appearance of banana fiber and banana series added a kind of new-typed natural and eco-friendly material for textile industries, Banana fiber has played an important role in development of textile industry. There will be widely market potential, good economic benefit for banana fiber. The technology of banana fiber we produced has reach international advanced level, the banana fabrics and banana garments we developed attracted great interest to home and overseas customers.

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