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Suzhou Shenboo Textile Co., Ltd has been specializing in research, development, production and marketing of natural original bamboo fiber, yarn, fabric, garment and beddings etc.

Establishment of company originated from national policy on bamboo resources, China is the richest country for bamboo resources, the using of bamboo resources not only meets demand of natural fiber, but also open up a new way for reasonable using of bamboo, can partly realize “bamboo instead of cotton”. In 2000, Suzhou Lifei Textiles Co., Ltd cooperated with College of Textiles, Donghua University in developing natural original bamboo fiber and succeeded finally by many years of efforts. To strengthen the industry of natural original bamboo fiber, Suzhou Lifei Textiles Co., Ltd invested and registered Suzhou Shenboo Textile Co., Ltd in 2006 for professionally producing natural original bamboo fiber.

Taking the vast domestic bamboo resource into consideration and relying on powerful technical support from College of Textiles, Donghua University and the advanced management concepts of our company, we never stop our steps in pursuing of innovation. The following products have been successfully developed by us: original bamboo fiber, original bamboo yarn, original bamboo fabric, original bamboo socks, original bamboo towel, original bamboo garments, original bamboo beddings etc.

We are steadfastly upholding marketing ideas for globalization of original bamboo series products, making “SHENBOO” brand famous all over the world, continuously promoting sustainable, stable, healthy development of original bamboo fiber industry.

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